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Born 1977, Paris

Selected work
2015     be-Art Magazine
 selection / Los Angeles
2013     SuperCollector :
Saatchi Gallery
2013     I would like to smoke... :
Saatchi Gallery
ArtPresta selection
2012     Pursuit Of Happiness, Untitled #VI :
Private collection

2017     January 28 - May 8 : THE HIGH LINE, Chelsea, New York / Installation View
2016     September 14 - 18 :
BEIRUT ART FAIR, Lebanon / Installation View
2015     March 20 - May 17 : L'USAGE DES FORMES (The Use Of Forms) / Palais de Tokyo, Paris - Installation View
2013     December 4 - 8 / ART EN CAPITAL / Grand Palais, Paris

Sebastien Nedjar was born in Paris, France in 1977. The self-thought sculpture and installation artist studied at Corvisart School of Graphic Arts in Paris, where his artistic endeavour begun.

In 2009, he takes a "break" to travel. He first goes to United States in New York, then following this, to the Middle East in Cairo and in Asia to Bangkok for enrichies is knowledge and discover other cultures.

Nedjar's approach covers a wide range of skills and disciplines. In his creation, he explores the connection between the artist and the material, painting and sculpture, object and environment. His artistic practice espouses aestheticism and symbolism; often contrasted by use of traditional and modern methods or delicate; it combines elegant materials with those cheap and industrial. His approach with the master/piece in itself is made of contradiction and ambivalence, but it is always in adequation with his convictions and strong artistic pulsions. Something powerful stands out, something instinctive and very singular in his univers.

His work has been reviewed in be-Art Magazine Los Angeles / Art Presta Paris and will be shown to the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. He wins some acknowledgement from the Saatchi Gallery in London who selected him two times on their screen project. He was received by the Serpentine Sackler gallery in London and by the Foundation Cartier in Paris. He lives and works between Paris and London.